The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Best Screenshots Ever

Remember a while ago when we posted the first screenshots of the modded GTA IV? Remember a modder named gionight? Well, get ready everyone because gionight is back in action with some astounding Skyrim screenshots. Now we’ll be honest here; after viewing these screenies we wanted to restart Skyrim and play it with gionight’s mod collection. According to the modder, the following images are not photoshopped or doctored in any way. These are realtime, in-game screenshots that were captured with the game’s free cam. You can also find bellow the collection of mods that gionight used to capture these screenshots. Enjoy everyone!
As gionight wrote at Rage3D’s board:
All credits for Textures goes to Skyrim modders ( there are to many mixed  HDTex-mods to remember which is which)  I just collected the best textures  in my opinion. I guess you will figure it out how to install this rars.
All texture needs to be putted in the main Texture folder in your Game/Data/Textures directory.
Meshes folder in Game/Data directory
Four FXAA files in the  Game main folder.
Skyrim.ini ,  SkyrimPrefs.ini   in you Users/user name/My Documents/My Games/Skyrim directory .
And last but not least if you are going to install Textures, you have to download/install all archives to make them work properly.
Here are the links:
———————– Architecture
———————– Textures
———————– landscape
————– Skyrim FXAA and INI files