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The Division 2 Title Update 6.1 available for download, adds Hardcore Mode, full patch notes

Ubisoft has released a brand new major update for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. According to the team, Title Update 6.1 adds a Hardcore Mode to the game. This basically means that in this mode, players will have one life, no respawns, and their progress will be wiped upon death.

Moreover, this new update adds Apparel Event #5: Silent Night until January 7th. This event will introduce some unique outfits, weapon skins and emotes.

Furthermore, all players who login will receive a Holiday Supplies care package that includes three Standard Apparel Keys, three pieces of equipment, and their very own Holiday Hat. In addition, players can also find the Sleigher Tommy Gun; a weapon that shoots snowballs and comes with a unique talent “Hidden Rock”.

Naturally, this update also comes with a number of bug fixes, tweaks and improvements.

As always, UPLAY and EGS will download this patch the next time you launch their clients. Below you can also find its complete changelog.

The Division 2 Title Update 6.1 Release Notes

Hardcore Mode

A new way to experience The Division 2 is coming with TU 6.1 on December 10th, the Hardcore Mode Beta. When creating a new Hardcore agent, you start your journey from the beginning, and success will be based on finding new ways to stay alive. Upon death, there is no option to respawn, and all progress made will be lost. You will be able to play all normal activities (excluding Conflict) and can matchmake, enter the Dark Zone, and even try your luck at Operation Dark Hours. While playing in Hardcore Mode, you will only be matchmade with other Hardcore Mode players and face other Hardcore Mode Agents in the Dark Zone.


Starting today, December 10th, all Agents who login will receive a Holiday Supplies care package that includes three Standard Apparel Keys, three pieces of equipment, and your very own Holiday Hat. Additionally, there are reports of Ambusher Hoarder NPCs spotted in Washington D.C. who are wearing Holiday Hats.These up-to-no-goods offer a special treat, if you can find and kill them: The Sleigher Tommy Gun! This named weapon shoots snowballs and comes with a unique talent “Hidden Rock”—headshots apply confuse, can occur every 20 seconds. How do you get your hands on it? Your first Hoarder will drop the gun, guaranteed. Afterwards, all Hoarders will have a chance to drop another. Ambusher Hoarders can be found in the open world, roaming the streets of D.C.


We’re also running Apparel Event #5: Silent Night, live now until January 7th. Not only do we have some unique outfits, weapon skins and emotes available, we also have improved the way Apparel Event keys are earned. Now every third Field Proficiency Cache and every fifth Dark Zone Proficiency Cache will drop a key, making it easier to know when you can expect your next cache! What’s more, gifting is now available for the first time in The Division 2, allowing you to share the holiday spirit with your friends and clean the streets of Washington D.C. in style.

Fixes / Balancing

  • The developers have made further audio improvements, which should mean that instances, where the audio cuts out or stops completely, should be much rarer.
  • Fixing an issue that causes Apparel items to stop dropping in the world before players have collected all 72 items.
  • Fixing an issue that causes players to be unable to send text messages in any chat channel under certain circumstances.
  • Turning off the alarm sound in the Base of Operations.
  • Improving loot UI to hide dropped item details while in combat, so they don’t block the Agent’s view.
  • Fixing an issue that prevents some Xbox One players from installing the game from disc.
  • There are some fixes in 6.1 for invisible walls and NPCs getting stuck, but the developers are continuing to investigate these issues for future fixes.

Negotiator’s Dilemma 3 Piece Talent “Blowback” Change

  • Updated to change the behavior of the launched grenade.
  • The grenade no longer explodes immediately on contact.
  • The grenade now has a fuse timer (currently 2 seconds) from launch before it explodes.
  • The UI now appears immediately on launch to warn players of the incoming projectile.
  • If the fuse is not finished, it will land on the ground and wait for the fuse to end before exploding.

Cassie Mendoza Update
With TU6.1 they’re also updating Cassie’s stock.

  • Cassie will now always have two named items, one Weapon, one Gear slot item and the Shield Splinterer available in her stock.
    The two named items will change every rotation, while the Shield Splinterer will always be available.
  • To see the Shield Splinterer players must have unlocked the Ivory Key lockbox in the Base of Operations by defeating all Hunters.
  • They will also exclude any named items that require Blueprints from the Special Field Research from that point on, to ensure that the stock is always available to all players, regardless of their progress in the Field Research.