The Dark Inside Me Is A New Psychological Horror Adventure Game, Gets IndieGoGo Campaign

Akcay Karaazmak, project lead of The Dark Inside Me, has informed us about this new adventure game. The Dark Inside Me is is a 2d,5 next-gen and unique 3rd person point & click psychological horror adventure game, in which the main aim is to reflect the real characteristic of a player through the game and see how far players would push their limits through the stages of game.

The Dark Inside Me will be  a “+18” game as it will pack disturbing gore, sex and intense violence scenes.

An IndieGoGo campaign has been launched for this new adventure game, and the development studio aims to raise $100K in the next 29 days.

As Karaazmak told us:

“The game is based on a dynamic scenario and the game-flow changes according to player’s decisions and how they face with the situations and solve the puzzles. Puzzles can be solved with more then one way and each way will effect and change the rest of the gameplay.”


The Dark Inside Me - Psychological horror game / Adventure / (Old version)