The Crow’s Eye – First-person Horror Adventure Inspired By Amnesia & Bioshock – Gets Kickstarter Campaign

After the release of two trailers, 3D2 Entertainment decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign for The Crow’s Eye; a first-person horror adventure game that is powered by Unity and is inspired by games such as Amnesia & Bioshock.

The Crow’s Eye is described as a first-person terror adventure with hints of crafting, full of suspense and which rewards investigation. The team aims to raise $35K in the next 28 days.

In order to spark interest, 3D2 Entertainment has also released an alpha demo for this horror adventure game that can be downloaded from its Kickstarter page.

Here are the game’s key features:

*Crafting items: Collect the different receipts to discover how to ellaborate items parting from others you will find through the levels. Some will be more hidden than others, so search well through the many rooms, ventilation ducts, furniture, etc. Items will have different uses. While some will be used to advance through the game, others will drive enemies away, or will grant improvements to the player.
*Interact with your surroundings: You can use the vast majority of items that surround you in many ways, as would be throwing them against enemies, reaching high areas, and opening doors or drawers. In some puzzles or situations you will need this kind of elements, otherwise it will be difficult or close to impossible to advance in the game.
*Explore: Freely investigate the map in search of documents, crafting items or secrets hidden throughout the game. Exploration will always rewarded for those tempted to search in hidden places.
*First-person immersion: Put yourself in the skin of the character and advance through the abandoned Crowswood University, its installations and surroundings. The melodies altogether with the sounds will make it a chilling experience.
*Great variety of puzzles: Solve a great variety of puzzles spread through the game to advance through the plot. You may encounter two types of puzzles in-game:
– Main puzzles: They are part of the main plot and are compulsory in order to reach the following levels. There is a vast range of them through the game.
– Secondary puzzles: They do not follow the main plot and unlock secret areas. There are a few of them spread through the levels, and their difficulty is quite high. Some puzzles are not what they look like.
*Observe the enemy: Advance stealhily and beware the enemies’ moves. Search their weaknesses in order to confront them, use crafted items or those in your surroundings to stun them. There is a broad range of enemies in the different levels, each worse than the other, so make sure you are ready before advancing, or you will last little to no time alive.