The Callisto Protocol feature 2

The Callisto Protocol cost $162 million, expected to hit 2 million sales in 2023

It appears that KRAFTON has spent $162 million in order to create the first horror game from Striking Distance Studios, The Callisto Protocol. Furthermore, and according to reports, the game has underperformed and will not reach its initial 5 million sales target.

As M-K-Odyssey reported:

“According to Krafton’s business report and quarterly report, the company paid about 196 billion won, including 5.4 billion won in 2020, 77 billion won in 2021, and 113.6 billion won from January to September last year, to the US-based subsidiary ‘Striking Distance Studio’ (SDS), a developer of Callisto Protocol.”

In terms of dollars, The Callisto Protocol cost $162 million. Or at least that’s the amount that KRAFTON paid Striking Distance Studios these past three years.

Furthermore, the game has underperformed, and won’t likely hit its original sales target.

?nalyst firm Samsung Securities expected cumulative sales of 5 million copies. However, and considering the current sales ranking, cumulative sales of 2 million copies will not be easy until this year.

I seriously don’t know how KRAFTON expected a new horror IP to sell 5 million copies. Even if the game had positive reviews, that 5 million goal would have been a difficult task.

My guess is that KRAFTON won’t greenlight a sequel to The Callisto Protocol after those sales. That, or we might get a lower-budget sequel.

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