The Breakout – Point-and-click Adventure Inspired by LucasArts Titles – Gets a Kickstarter Campaign

Pixel Trip Studios announced today the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming point-and-click graphical adventure that dares players to escape a max security POW camp, The Breakout. The Breakout pays homage to The Great Escape and LucasArts classics like The Secret of the Monkey Island to deliver a brand new adventure game to nostalgic Kickstarter backers.

Pixel Trip Studios aims to raise £49,500 to deliver the full game to Steam users in late 2015. The Kickstarter campaign will run from today to May 12th.

As the press release reads, The Breakout tells the story of Guy Kassel, an ex-thief, whose life of crime is turned around when his fiancée convinces him to clean up his act and sign up for the Air Force. Soon after rising to the rank of Captain, Guy is shot down and captured across enemy lines. Forced to join forces with a ragtag group of repeat escapees, Guy must now survive the brutal POW camp and regain his freedom.

The Breakout has a darker tone than most adventure games, thanks to a historically accurate portrayal of life in a WW2 prisoner camp. This is not a game suitable for children.

Adam Jeffcoat, Director of Pixel Trip Studios, said:

“The story of a man against the odds, locked down by a ruthless oppressor and striving to be free has always fascinated me. Dropping him in the hellish conditions of a POW camp during WW2 felt like the perfect setting to take the player on an emotional rollercoaster. Surviving with nothing but his wits, an escape plan and the fierce desire to break free provides that glimmer of hope that keeps a man going above all else.”