Tex Murphy – Project Fedora Kickstarter Announcement

And it’s official. There were various tips earlier yesterday but we felt the need to wait until it was official. Tex Murphy, the amazing and classic FMV adventure game¬†will return and a Kickstarter will be launched in May 15th. The game will be developed by BigFinishGames and will obviously feature FMVs. The company released the announcement trailer and they purposely used the current issue of People to prove that this is the real deal (and not some old footage of an unreleased project). Get ready adventure fans to support this project. It’s gonna be huge!
BigFinishGames made a decision within the past few months that now was the time to complete the Tex Storyline. They could not wait any longer. They agreed that they needed to finish the story, although it had to be a more “modest” game design since BigFinishGames is a small gaming studio.
However, with the recent Kickstarter success stories for other Adventure Games – Double Fine Adventure & Wasteland 2 – the company saw an opportunity to create a game of a larger scale. So, with that in mind, they hope to bring the next Tex Murphy game to an a much bigger, epic level. Tex Murphy – Project Fedora will feature more actors, locations, broader stories and yes – even meaningful, varied story paths. With these elements, they have a better chance of expanding the audience and a better chance of commercial success and continuation. All of this would allow them to make a true Adventure game with Immersive 3D world, Full Motion Video, and longer game play.
On May 15, BigFinishGames is going to launch a Kickstarter page to help raise funding for the project. So stay tuned for more!
Tex Murphy - Project Fedora Kickstarter begins May 15