Terraria PC To Be Updated To Version 1.2 With Huge Content, Console Content Won’t Be Added

In an updated Reddit FAQ, CR4ZY0WN3R and Terraria’s creator Redigit have revealed some new interesting information about the PC and the console versions of Terraria. According to the FAQ, the PC version will receive a massive update content with 235 new items. This update is planned for release at the end of May, and will be free – like all previous updates for Terraria.
While this new content update will be huge, it will not feature the content that was available on the console versions of Terraria. On the other hand, console gamers may not get this update as – due to its big size – it all comes down to 505Games’ decision. Redigit suggested console gamers to get in contact with 505Games if they are desperate for this new update content, and let them know about it.
The reason behind the differences of Terraria PC and Terraria on consoles is simple; as hinted by the updated FAQ, the console version was developed by a different development team, which explains why these two versions of Terraria feature different items.
Redigit has also said that he plans to update Terraria more than once (in other words, expect more content updates in the near future), and that he will work on a sequel once he stops updating the original.
Special thanks to our reader ‘Gianluca Manocchio’ for spotting it!