TemplarGFX’s Aliens: Colonial Marines Overhaul V4 Is Now Available

TemplarGFX has released a new version of his amazing overhaul for Aliens: Colonial Marines, TemplarGFX’s ACM Overhaul. According to the modder, this new version of his mod comes with better Xeno balance, better weapon balance, more MP support and Hadley’s Hope.

Here are the key features of this latest version of TemplarGFX’s ACM Overhaul:

  • MK2 Pulse Rifle returns (40/60 ammo, 900rpm) with a missing Ammo Counter (my fault, it’ll be fixed soon) and better balancing.
    Auto Shotgun damage reduced slightly
  • Combat Shotgun damage reduced
  • Hick’s Shotgun damage greatly increased. Max ammo reduced, 12 pellets
  • Hudson’s Pulse Rifle 95rnd, full auto 900rpm. Max ammo reduced
  • Under-barrel shotgun’s use same ammo as Hick’s (and now hold 4)
  • Under-barrel Grenades do more damage (balanced in MP) (and also hold 4)
  • Fire is more lethal
  • Incendiaries more lethal
  • Smart-Gun recoil mechanics reworked, bullet spread and accuracy of tracking adjusted. First attempt at removing the blue-ness of its HUD (works on sulaco)
  • Xeno AI timing reworked to rely less on speed and more on movement.
  • Xeno’s slowed down generally (except Lurkers)
  • Further adjustment to insta-kill move so its used less
  • More vulnerabilities opened up (waiting before things etc) to give you a bit more chance
  • Face-Hugger fight is easier. Not too much mind you, it took a few of em to pull it off Ripley!
  • O’Neil’s smartgun reworked to be more useful

Those interested can download the mod from here.


TemplarGFX's ACM Overhaul V4 - Now Available!