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Tekken 8’s Closed Network Test date revealed via new trailer

Bandai Namco has revealed the dates for the Closed Network Test phase of Tekken 8. Additionally, the publisher shared a brand new trailer that you can find below.

The Closed Network Test will feature 16 characters and 5 stages. And, as you may have guessed, all the characters that have been revealed so far will be available.

Since my main, Hwoarang, will be there, I’ll obviously test the game. From what I’ve seen, Hwoarang will be a bit quicker this time, so I’m interested to see the changes that Bandai Namco has made to his moveset.

Now since this is a Closed Network Test, it will feature visuals similar to the trailers that we’ve already seen. And, to be honest, the game’s graphics are nowhere close to its reveal trailer. Some believe that Bandai Namco will overhaul the lighting system at launch but let’s be realistic here. You can’t expect a company to add a new lighting system in a fast-paced fighting game at the last minute.

Anyway, the Closed Network Test will begin on PC via Steam on July 28th, and will last until July 31st!

TEKKEN 8 — Closed Network Test Announcement Trailer