Team Meat’s new game is called Mew-Genics and is centered around… cats

Team Meat has announced that their next official game will be called Mew-Genic. According to the team, Mew-Genics will be will be randomly generated, strange and involve cats. This is obviously a game to boost the team’s income in order to finish the next Super Meat Boy game that is currently on-hold till Mew-Genic gets out.
As Edmund said:
“Tommy and i have been working on a new super meat boy for iOS and Pc for the past few months… but a month or so ago we decided to do a little game jam over a weekend and fell into a totally out of left field project we call… Mew-Genics”
In case you’re wondering, the new Super Meat Boy game is not a direct sequel to our beloved platformer. This new Super Meat Boy title started as a mere port of the original title to the mobile devices. This didn’t work though and the team decided to re-design the whole game. Thus, SMB: TG was born. SMB: TG will feature new levels and will be released on mobile devices and the PC.