TALES OF BERSERIA Currently Planned For Release In Early 2017

Bandai Namco announced today the release date for TALES OF BERSERIA. According to the publisher, this latest part in the “Tales Of” series will be available in early 2017. In addition, Bandai Namco has also revealed that the game will be including two new playable characters, Eizen and Eleanor, a new skit system introducing the “Cut-in” effect, and the new “Switch Blast” battle system.

According to the press release, two new playable characters join the challenging quests of TALES OF BERSERIA. Eizen, nicknamed “The Reaper”, is the skipper of Aifread’s pirates and he always makes his own decisions. Though he is a malak (a spiritual being that can harness the power of nature), he sails the Van Eltia pirate ship on the open seas to follow his own creed. While looking for the missing Captain Van Aifread, he meets Velvet and joins her to fight their common enemy, the Abbey.

Conversely, Eleanor defends the Abbey against Velvet’s repeated attacks. As a praetor, Eleanor always scrabbles to release the world from daemons threat, but fate will eventually make her join Velvet’s party. The young girl tries to be reasonable as much as possible but she can sometimes be overcome by emotion, because she is honest with a great compassion for others.

Players will be able to enjoy the daily casual conversation of their characters thanks to the “Tales of” familiar skit system! In TALES OF BERSERIA the skit system introduces a “cut-in” effect where character illustrations are inserted in various ways depending on their conversation. Sometimes a skit describes a single character’s facial expression, sometimes it shows a conversation among multiple characters. Expressions really change depending on the cut.

Furthermore, the new “Switch Blast” battle system has been further detailed; with “Switch Blast”, players can switch characters during battles and choose a back-up character to replace one character in the battle. The back-up character has one more soul than usual when he joins a battle. If players lose some “Soul”, for example when they are inflicted by a status ailment, players can overcome this danger by using the Switch Blast. Each character has a unique attack when he joins the battle via the Switch Blast.