GTA 5 Inworld Sentient Streets - AI Story Mode

Take-Two shuts down the AI-powered story mod for GTA 5

Remember Inworld Sentient Streets? You know, the story mod for GTA 5 that featured AI-powered NPCs. Well, to the surprise of no one, Take-Two has just shut it down.

Bloc, the modder behind Inworld Sentient Streets, explained.

“About the mod itself, at this moment, the NexusMods version has been removed, by DMCA Takedown by Take-Two Interactive just today. Most likely this is what will happen to gta5mods too but I removed that one myself to avoid any legal trouble.”

Take-Two has also hit Bloc’s YouTube and Netlify accounts with copyright strikes. And, given what happened with NexusMods, this doesn’t appear to be an automated error. These are manual strikes from Take-Two.

This is really funny, especially since a few days ago, Rockstar revealed the acquisition of the modding team behind FiveM (and RedM). Ironically, Take-Two also shut down FiveM back in 2015.

It’s really unacceptable how Take-Two and Rockstar treat their PC modding community. One would think that the companies would be grateful to modders for adding new content to their games. Seriously, modders give PC gamers reasons to actually buy these older games. However, Take-Two is desperately trying to kill its PC fanbase. Oh, and let’s not forget that Red Dead Redemption is skipping the PC (at least for now). What more do you want?

At this point, PC gamers and modders should simply stop supporting Take-Two’s and Rockstar’s games. This behavior is simply unacceptable. I know that it’s easier to get noticed when modding well-known triple-A games. And, both GTA5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 are among the most popular games.

However, as I’ve said before, PC gamers should be voting with their wallets. Complaining about these things won’t change anything. Take-Two knows that it has some of the most popular games, so they don’t really care. However, if the popularity of its games significantly drops, you can bet your asses they’ll do everything they can to win back their PC fans!