Take On Helicopters gets a new, free DLC

After a unique co-operation with the world famous DJ and producer duo Noisecontrollers, Bohemia Interactive has landed a brand new and completely free downloadable content package for Take On Helicopters. Dropping in loud, the Take On Noisecontrollers FreeLC features 14 new Time Trials, 4 unique helicopter skins, the DJs as virtual characters, and an exclusively mixed 30-minute music set by the popular Dutch hardstyle duo.
The fusion between two seemingly disconnected worlds began many months ago, after initial contact was made by the, also Dutch, Take On Helicopters Project Lead. Both parties agreed it would be a nice idea to produce something fun, on the side, and for free. Although it may seem odd at first glance, the connection between a helicopter game and hardstyle music is stronger than one might think. Electronic music festivals often offer visual and audio spectacles similar to games, while also being filmed by helicopter crews from the air.
Project Lead Joris-Jan van ‘t Land said:
“Games and hardstyle are two of my passions, and I thought it was time to finally bring the two together. Having visited many of the huge summer festivals, I always noticed the helicopters flying overhead to film and fly party people around. During the development of Take On Helicopters, I contacted Bas and Arjan and asked them whether they’d be interested in doing a project together. Coincidentally they had been fans of our past games, and so we started to work in our free time to deliver something fresh, unique and plain awesome. Now, I’m very proud we can present all Take On Helicopters’ players and Noisecontrollers’ fans with this fun and free package!”
Accompanied by virtual recreations of Noisecontrollers’ Bas Oskam and Arjan Terpstra, players are invited to fly through a series of fast and harrowing races. Not only are there traditional bronze, silver and gold times, but also an ultimately challenging Noisecontrollers time. While trying to beat the DJs at their own game, players will hear an exclusive mix of their freshly released album – “E=Nc² (The Science of Hardstyle)” – compete with the helicopter’s engine for woofer wattage.
Bas Oskam from Noisecontrollers added:
“Besides the pleasure that I take in gaming, I have always admired the creativity developers show in their games. Using your own creativity to give others that special experience is what Noisecontrollers is all about. For this reason, I am extremely proud to be the very first harddance in-game character in a videogame! In bringing hard-dance to the ‘next level,’ we may safely add a ‘higher level’ as well, thanks to Bohemia Interactive. Take on Noisecontrollers!”
Take On Helicopters pilots can download the DLC for free from here.
Take On Noisecontrollers - Launch Trailer!