System Shock 2 Recreated in Source Engine

Oh I bet most of you will be excited with this. I also bet that some of you will curse me for reminding you such a classic game and for not including a download link. But then again, this mod is still a WIP and the modder didn’t share anything else other than a video walkthrough of his first level. So, as the title suggests, Mark Valentine has been experimenting with the Source Engine and has managed to recreate the first level of Looking Glass’ and Irrational Games’ classic FPS/RPG title, System Shock 2.
As with most promising mods, this might never see the light of day. Keep in mind that everything in this video has been created by a single person. This basically means that we’ll be lucky if we get a polished version of this level.
SS2 Remake’s level looks identical to the one of the original game in – almost – every way. Truth be told, it seems a little rough around the edges but then again, that was how System Shock 2 looked like back in the golden PC days. And yeah, like most of you, we’d love to see some enemies roaming inside, some combat scenes, some ghosts appearing out of nowhere and telling their stories… man, I do miss System Shock 2.
Moreover, this walkthrough made us wonder… will we ever get a proper HD remake for this classic title? And if not, will there ever be a System Shock 3 game? One can only hope.
Enjoy the walkthrough everyone!
System Shock 2 remake in the Source engine