Syberia 3 – First Two Characters, Ayawaska & Simon Steiner, Revealed

Microid revealed today the first two symbolic figures of this third episode of its Syberia series.  Players will come across old acquaintances from ” Syberia ” 1 and 2, but also new protagonists always ready to help or, on the contrary, to slow down or definitively stop their progression.

Players will have to observe, talk to and understand their interlocutor’s psychology to have them become their ally, which is essential for the adventure to go on. The first two characters are unveiled today from the various steps of their creation to the final 3D pictures used in the game, along with the first pieces of information about their biography.

These two characters are Ayawaska and Simon Steiner:

We only know her name, and although she is only 1.10 meter-tall, this little laughing and enigmatic lady acts as the shaman of the Youkol tribe that our heroin, Kate Walker, had left at the end of Syberia II. Through chance of the journey, Ayawaska will offer Kate to accompany her in the snow ostrich’s transhumance, a real sacred mission for her tribe. Throughout the journey, the shaman will provide precious advice to Kate, if only she manages to decrypt the mysterious form of her predictions.

A genious craftsman, Simon Steiner owns the small clockmaker’s shop in Valsembor, the city close to where the Youkol camp settled. Despite his grumpy and suspicious look, this 70 year-old- man is very kind towards the nomad people that most of the population would like to see leave as soon as possible. Kate will have to gain his trust so that he accepts to build an essential element for her to continue her journey with the Youkol tribe.

Syberia 3 is a PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, iOS and Android adventure game due to be released in 2015.