Survival horror ‘Among The Sleep’ looks like the next ‘Amnesia’ thing in which you control a… baby

Now that’s what we’re talking about. After the release of Amnesia, we began wondering whether they’d be a new survival horror game capable of scaring us. And althoug the adventure game ‘Anna’ looks promising, we have a new contender for survival horror of the year (that is if the game is actually released in 2012). Developed by Krillbite Studio, Among The Sleep looks incredible and sports some amazing visuals.
Although there is no release date yet, the company has unveiled its first gameplay teaser trailer. According to Krillbite Studio, this is pure in-game footage and although it looks mind-blowing, it seems that they are right. Pay attention at the tapping of the keys at around 0:35. We seriously can’t remember another survival horror (or adventure game) looking this good, so kudos to Krillbite.
As the title suggests, players take the role of a two year old child. And let us tell that this is an incredible and clever idea. Why you ask? But because a baby can hide in lots of different places. After all, a baby is so small and this means that it can crawl under tables or beds without being noticed. This simple fact increases the game’s tension, atmosphere and survival elementsĀ as you’ll be constantly hiding behind everything.
Enjoy the gameplay teaser trailer and stay tuned for more!
Among the Sleep - Gameplay Teaser