Surprise surprise: Mass Effect 3 won’t appear on Steam; will require Origin

Call us unimpressed but we saw this coming. And frankly, it’s natural as EA wants to establish their digital distribution service. As the title suggests, EA’s Origin will be required for all PC editions of Mass Effect 3, physical or digital. Not only that, but Mass Effect 3 will not appear on Steam. EA and BioWare stated that Mass Effect 3 will be available through both Origin and third-party digital retailers, but not via Valve’s distribution service. Does this ring any bell?
According to EA, Steam has adopted a set of restrictive terms of service which limit how developers interact with customers to deliver patches and other downloadable content. Bullcraps. We already know why EA is avoiding Steam and that’s because they want to maximize their Origin profits. Otherwise, most PC gamers would purchase Mass Effect 3 through Steam and that’s a fact.
EA has also reassured everyone that Origin is not a spyware, and does not use or install spyware on user’s machines. In addition, the German Origin EULA has been updated after the recent questions in Germany.
Mass Effect 3 is currently slated for a March 9th release on current generation consoles and PC. BioWare has promised to release a demo for it, prior release!