Hades 2 feature

Supergiant Games has launched the Technical Test for Hades 2

Supergiant Games has just launched the Technical Test for its upcoming rogue-like dungeon crawler, Hades 2. PC gamers can now visit its Steam store page and sign up for it. The Technical Test is now live and once you sign up, you should be receiving your key in a matter of minutes or hours.

This Technical Test will be longer than a week but shorter than a month. The Technical Test contains the first major area of the game, and other early-game characters, systems, and content.

Moreover, the devs shared the minimum PC requirements for the Technical Test. the minimum system requirements for the Technical Test. PC gamers will at least need a Dual Core 2.4Ghz CPU with 4GB of RAM and a GPU that has at least 2GB of VRAM (and supports DirectX 12). So yeah, the game will run on a huge range of PC configurations.

You can go ahead and sign up for the Technical Test by visiting this link. I’ve also included below a video in which the devs showcase this build. So, even if you are not accepted in the testing, you can at least get an idea of what this game can offer.

Have fun!

Hades II Technical Test - Live Gameplay