Super Smash Flash 2 Version 0.9 Coming On January 11th – Freeware Flash Brawler

Super Smash Flash 2
Did you ever want to experience Super Smash Bros on the PC? Well, even though you can go ahead and enjoy some of its versions via Dolphin, we’re happy to report about a freeware Flash video-game that brings this ‘Super Smash’ mayhem on our beloved platform.
As the title suggests, this game requires the latest version of Flash Player and let’s you choose between Mario, Kirby, Link, Sonic, Naruto, Megaman, Ichigo, Captain Falcon and Lloyd. The final version will support even more characters, stages and modes.
Created by McLeod Gaming, Super Smash Flash 2 looks really interesting. The team has also released a preview trailer for its upcoming version 0.9 that will be released on January 11th, and can be viewed below.
Those interested can download and play it from here.
[SSF2 0.9 PREVIEW] Physics