Super Skyrim Bros Version 1.1 Released – Two Months Under Development, New Content Included

Super Skyrim Bros
Remember Super Skyrim Bros? You know, that Super Mario mod that adds an entirely Kingdom (mini game) to play in the world of Skyrim. Modder ‘clint mich’ has informed us about the latest version of this mod, a version that has been under development for two months and is packed with a lot of new content.
Those interested can download this mod from here.
Here is the complete changelog of Super Skyrim Bros Version 1.1 (as well as its official trailer):
New Content Added
-Coins pick up on touch
-Dusty Dunes world
-Goomba King stage boss
-Waluigi stage boss
-Ninji enemy
-Pokey enemy
-Spiny enemy
-One handed hammers
-Mega Mallet
-Staff of Koopa Shell
-Conjure Goomba Spell Tomb
-Stamina Mushrooms
-Magicka Mushrooms
-Poison Mushrooms
-Invincibility stars
-Warp Zones
-New areas
-New Prizes at the Coin exchange Prize Wheel
-Added maze hint in Pipe Dungeon world
-Plumbers Gloves
-New Sounds
-New lighting in some interiors
-Corrected numerous grammar and spelling errors
-Removed non working Plumbers Boots from chest at start
-Adjusted Bowser Armor stats so it’s all classified as heavy armor
-Plumber hats are now compatible with beast races(they will clip though)
-Extended the riddle in Toads secret note at the end of the mod
-Adjusted Bowsers stats to make him harder. Also gave him shouts.
-Fixed pipe doors so you can not return to a previous level.(This nulified the CTD issue some were having)
-Fixed Coin Exchange Prize Wheel so it will not increase your smithing skill while using it.
-Compatibility patch now available for Expanded Winterhold Destruction Ruins mod(optional files section)
-Complete overhaul of the Super Skyrim Bros music and sound system(Music will now play on cue)
-Complete overhaul of the Super Skyrim Bros weapons(They are now more balanced)
-fixed bug in Alvors house(the bed here will now work as normal and not activate the mod)
-Cleaned with TESVEdit
-Numerous other minor bug fixes
Skyrim Mods:Super Skyrim Bros Official Trailer v1.1