Super Mario Bros comes to Skyrim thanks to this stunning mod

Now this is bloody amazing. Skyrim modder ‘clintmich’ has released one of the best mods for Bethesda’s RPG, Skyrim. Super Skyrim Bros is a mod that adds an entirely Kingdom (mini game) to play in the world of Skyrim.
The modder has created new objects, re-textured most surfaces, and introduced almost all of Super Mario Bros’ enemies. We should also note that this mod won’t affect the look of your Skyrim game at all. In other words, this is – as described above – a mini-game inside Skyrim’s world.
Those interested can download it from here.
Enjoy the following screenshots and videos!

Skyrim Mods - Super Skyrim Bros. Sneak a Peek 2

Skyrim Mod-Super Skyrim Bros_Bowser Battle

Skyrim Mod - Super Skyrim Bros. Official Trailer