Super Mario ReMaker – PC Demo Now Available

Super Mario fans, get ready for a treat. LuNiney has released a PC demo for his Super Mario ReMaker project. Super Mario ReMaker is basically a fan remake of Super Mario Maker, featuring only the “SMB1” style.

The demo version of Super Mario ReMaker features:

  • Most elements from the original SMB1 + some Super Mario Maker exclusives
  • A few elements from SMB2J (The Lost Levels), SMB Deluxe, and Mario Forever
  • Full Editor with ability to Save/Load
  • 9 Course Themes (Ground, Underground, Underwater, Castle, Ghost House, Ice, Desert, Athletic and Night) + Customizable Theme
  • All of the SMB1 style powerups (Mushroom, Fire Flower, Costume Mushroom, Weird Mario)
  • Stack enemies on each other (VERY glitchy at the moment)
  • Put enemies on blocks
  • Costume Mushroom with 100% customizable costumes (with optional ability of shooting projectiles)
  • Hotkeys for placing objects (in full version there will be a menu)
  • “Shaking Elements” (Right Click)
  • Course Bot/World to play courses and special modes (i.e. You VS Boo from SMBDX)
  • Interactive Credits Screen

Those interested can download the demo from here.

And here is what will be included in the next demo/ final version of Super Mario ReMaker.

  • More Exclusive Themes
  • Checkpoints
  • Warps and Doors
  • 1 (or more) extra areas to edit
  • More “official” costumes
  • Better animations and UI
  • Better Editor
  • Play “Worlds” (sets of courses)
  • Ice Flower (and maybe more powerups)
  • Weird Fire Mario(?)
  • Achievements(?)
  • “Big” Enemies
  • Put wings on objects
  • Rewritten Enemy Stacking
  • Full and Accurate Springboard Physics
  • More Elements from SMM/SMB1/SMB2J/SMBDX/MF
  • Different Graphics(?)
  • Unlock System(?)
  • Course/Costume World Website Thing(?)
  • More fixed bugs
  • Luigi?!?!
  • SLOPES?!?!?!?!?!