Super Mario 64 header screenshot

Super Mario 64 PC Port gets HD Textures, High Quality Mario Model & Better Draw Distance Mod

Earlier this month, we informed you about an unofficial DirectX 12 PC version of Super Mario 64. And today, we are happy to report that there are already some mods and texture packs that greatly improve the game’s visuals.

The first mod greatly improves the game’s draw distance. This is a must-have mod as it it will minimize the distant objects pop-ins. Since Super Mario 64 does not require a high-end GPU/CPU, we strongly suggest using it.


The second mod we have for you today is a high quality 3D model of Mario. This 3D model is most likely from another Nintendo Wii or Nintendo Switch Mario game. I’m pretty sure that most die-hard Super Mario fans will be able to identify it. Nevertheless, the graphical improvement is huge. As such, we also suggest downloading and using it.

Lastly, there are currently two HD Texture Packs for Super Mario 64 PC. The first one uses AI techniques in order to improve the default textures. The second one has even higher and more realistic textures for Peach’s castle. Do note that this second texture pack does not improve the face textures of all other characters.

In case you are wondering, you can find and download these mods from here. There are also tutorials on how you can compile the game. However, this Discord channel does not promote piracy or pirated content. As such, you won’t find – and you can share – the Super Mario 64 rom or the compiled executable file.

Kudos to Unreal for bringing these mods to our attention!