Super Mario 64 Maker lets you create your own levels in Super Mario 64, available now for download

We rarely post stories about retro (or at least somehow old consoles), however this is a really special case. Kaze Emanuar has created a romhack via which players can create their own levels in Super Mario 64, called Super Mario 64 Maker. As said, this is a romhack, meaning that you will need a N64 emulator.

Kaze suggests using the N64 controller in order to create the new custom levels in this romhack as it’s easiest to just intuitively feel the controls, and especially given the fact that every button does something.

We are pretty sure that this is a dream come true for a lot of Super Mario fans, so we strongly suggest downloading it while you still can. Nintendo may take it down, though we haven’t seen the big N take down other similar projects.

As Kaze noted, this is the first version of the┬áSuper Mario 64 Maker and as you’d expect, it comes with a number of bugs. Kaze suggested┬ámaking a savestate every 5 minutes in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Those interested can download this romhack from here.

Have fun!