Summer Games Done Quick 2014 Marathon Is A Go

Okay everyone. I know that John is really hyped about this event. In fact, he told me to use this particular image because he just loves Donkey Kong Country (blasphemy, and he calls himself a PC gamer. Shame on him). Don’t expect him to post anything this entire week. Yes, he’s a tool. Why you ask? Well, time to let you know what he’ll be doing these coming days.

Andrew Schroeder and Mike Uyama have organized a weekly marathon in which volunteers play games at incredible speed for entertainment. During this marathon, players can donate money to charity.

“The event is streamed live online, non-stop, and people can donate money that go directly to the charity. This is the summer event, with a winter event every January (“Awesome Games Done Quick”).”

This marathon has just started and will last until June 29th. Those interested can visit its official website or check out its Schedule here.

We’ve also embedded the streaming video below, so sit back and get ready to enjoy some amazing speedruns from your favourite games!