Success – The Next GRID Game Will Feature A Cockpit View

What was the one feature that most gamers criticized Grid 2 for not supporting? Yeap, that was no doubt the cockpit view that was removed for no apparent reason. So, GRID 3 (or the next installment to the GRID series) will be announced in a couple of days and a lot of gamers wondered whether Codies have learned their lesson or not. Well, good news everyone as the development team has been listening to its fanbase, meaning that the cockpit view will return in this new installment of the GRID series.

As Codemasters confirmed, the upcoming teaser is not about a new DLC for GRID 2, meaning that the next GRID will be unveiled on April 22nd. Not only that, but Codies have confirmed that the cockpit view will return.

grid 3 cockpit confirm

It will be interesting to see whether this will be a cross-platform title, and whether the old-gen version will feature a cockpit view. Oh, and let’s hope that the Codies won’t pull a “Fifa 14” on us.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!