Strike Suit Zero Now Supports Oculus Rift

Strike Suit Zero
Well, you gotta admit; Oculus Rift may change the way we experience games. Yes, there isn’t currently any consumer version of it but that hasn’t stopped companies supporting it. And today, Born Ready Games has made the Oculus Rift version of Strike Suit Zero available to anybody with an Oculus Rift dev kit and the Steam version of the game.
The Oculus Rift version of Strike Suit Zero puts players in a fully-3D cockpit, with environments that fill the entirety of the players’ peripheral vision. With the Rift headset on, all you can see is the vibrant universe that Born Ready Games has created. Responding to subtle movements of the head, playing with the Oculus Rift offers a completely new space combat experience.
James Brooksby, Born Ready Games CEO said:
“Space was always going to be a perfect fit for Oculus, and we’re excited to bring the world of Strike Suit Zero to life with the Oculus Rift. Perhaps the biggest task for us was adapting the UI and HUD for this new version of the game – relaying all the relevant information to the player without breaking the immersion.”
Anybody with an Oculus Rift dev kit can simply boot up the game with the Oculus connected to play the new version of the game. The Oculus version of the game is still very much in a BETA state, and so Born Ready urges anybody playing to submit comments, suggestions and ideas to the Oculus Rift BETA area of their forums.