Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition Detailed – Comes with HD graphics and YouTube Replay Sharing system

Capcom revealed more details about the revamped version of Street Fighter III: The Third Strike. The game will feature high-quality, HD-filtered graphics that emphasize the smooth animation, a vault of unlockables, and an integrated leaderboard that is combined with an extensive and viral YouTube Replay Sharing system.
Moreover, the game will support GGPO-Enabled Online Play, allowing for pixel-perfect arcade play online as well as a better matching system and leaderboards. Special Features and Unlockables will appear on-screen to provide challenges and track progress as players push their limits to unlock achievements and rewards.
Last but not least, there will also be a new channel that broadcasts a continuous live feed of the best match that is being played at any given moment, and also enables searches for specific matches to be viewed solo or with buddies
Street Fighter III: The Third Strike Online Edition is slated for release this year on PSN and XBLA!