Street Fighter 6 Cammy

Street Fighter 6 PC Benchmark Tool available for download

Now here is something cool. Capcom has just released a PC Benchmark Tool for Street Fighter 6. PC gamers can download and run this benchmark in order to see whether their PC systems are capable of running this upcoming fighting game.

In Street Fighter 6, players will take part in the Fighting Ground, which focuses on the classic fighting game experience with modes from previous games in the series. Two new modes will be available in SF6. These modes are World Tour and Battle Hub. World Tour is an immersive single-player story experience. On the other hand, Battle Hub promises to further expand the scope of player communication and engagement.

According to Capcom, those that score between 71-90 will be able to play the game without any problems. Ideally, you’ll need a score between 91-100 in order to play SF6 with ease.

Street Fighter 6 will release on June 1st, and you can download its PC benchmark tool from here.


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