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Steam Survey May 2016: Windows 10 most popular OS, NVIDIA & Intel still dominating charts

Each and every month, Steam conducts a survey to collect data about what kinds of computer hardware and software its customers are using. And according to the May survey, Microsoft’s Windows 10 64bit remains the most popular OS. Furthermore, NVIDIA and Intel are still dominating the charts as most PC gamers are still using Intel’s CPUs and NVIDIA’s GPUs.


As we can see, 56.64% of Steam users are using an NVIDIA GPU, while 25.46% are using an AMD/ATI GPU. Moreover 17.53% of Steam users are using an Intel integrated GPU.

Intel has been going strong with its CPUs and as we can see, almost 76.76% of the survey-takers prefer its CPUs, while 23.24% prefer AMD’s CPUs.

Regarding the CPU cores that Steam-survey takers use, 48.13% of them own a dual-core CPU, while 45.08% own a quad-core CPU. Only 4.58% has a CPU with more than four CPU cores, and 2.2% is still on a single-core CPU.

And as for the VR battle, 66.61% of the survey-takers prefer the HTC Vive over the Oculus Rift.


In case you’re wondering, these numbers are quite similar to those from Steam’s March survey, proving that nothing ground-breaking has happened during these few months (hardware-wise).