Steam Halloween Sale Header

Steam is having a Halloween sale

Like every year, Steam is having another Halloween sale with many titles on sale. The sale is now live, and it will last until November 2nd. The Halloween sale is the perfect opportunity to grab some scary and gory games in a reduced price.

There are many triple-A and indie titles for you to choose from. Metro Last Light Redux is 3,99$ from 19,99$, Vampyr is 11,99$ from 39,99$, and Little Nightmares is 3,99$ from 19,99$.

Control is 30% off at 27,99$ from 39,99$, Call of Cthulhu is 70% off at 8,99$ from 29,99$, which is a very decent price for such a game. Outlast, the game that scared the living crap out of me, is now 85% off at 2,51$ from 16,79$, which is a great deal.

Lastly, the amazing Inside is 66% off at 6,79$ from 19,99$, Half-Life: Alyx is 25% off at 37,49$ from 49,99$, and DOOM Eternal is 50% off at 29,99$ from 59,99$. You can check out the rest of the titles on the official Steam store page here.

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