Steam Dominates PC with 27 Million New Gamers

Steam being the most well known platform for PC gamers has released new statistics of it’s growth and just one of those numbers is a massive 27 million new PC gamers.

Just recently one of Steams leading games PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds hit 500,000 concurrent users, and now GeekWire is reporting that at Valve’s presentation a slide featured showed Steam has a massive player base of 33 million daily players. Concluding a total of 67 million monthly active players.

What is more impressive though is Steam’s growth. Since January 2016 Valve reports that Steam has grown a total of 27 million players which divides down to 1.5 million new players per month over the course of 18 months.

On the latest record Valve has a total of 125 million registered users all of which are spread across the planet on a global scale. North America takes a massive 34% of that number, following behind is Europe with 29% and Asia with 17%.

Source: Gamespot