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Steam breaks new record with over 21 million concurrent players, 6 days after setting its previous record

Six days ago, we informed you about Steam coming close – and finally breaking – to 20 million concurrent players. That was a direct result of the Coronavirus and today, Steam has set yet another record.

As we can see, Steam has just broken a new record with over 21 million concurrent players. To be more precise, Steam has peaked at 21,360,226 concurrent players. This number is somehow close to 22 million, so it will be interesting to see whether Steam will set another new record in the following days.

Naturally, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is at the top of the games with most concurrent players. DOTA 2 is in the second place, followed by PUBG, Monster Hunter World and Rainbow Six Siege. Grand Theft Auto 5 is in sixth place, whereas Football Manager 2020 and ARK: Survival Evolved are in seventh and eighth place, respectively. Lastly, Destiny 2 and Rust are in ninth and tenth place.

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