State of Decay Mod – Boosts Textures, Visuals, Packs Over The Top Gore and Modded Textures

Our reader ‘Dirty Dan’ has informed us about a new mod for State of Decay that aims to boost the game’s textures and visuals, packs over the top gore and features a number of modded textures. According to Dirty Dan, the latest version of the mod comes with better water tesselation, lighting, amount of decals and particle effects and texture quality.

Dirty Dan basically combined Dpagio1991’s ‘New Amazing Effects’ with Warhead Killor’s Graphics Config, and made some adjustments to them and added his personal SweetFX.

The only downside here is the textures quality inconsistency. Take for example the image featured in this article. The road looks really low-res whereas the ground/stones textures nearby look of a higher resolution.

Here is hoping that a complete Texture Overhaul will be released to replace all low-res textures with brand new higher res ones.

Those interested can download it from here.


The Big Nasty Mod: State of Decay