State of Decay 2 has crossed 1 million players in its first two days

Xbox has announced that State of Decay 2 has already crossed the 1 million player threshold two days into the game’s global release. Along with news of this comes some interesting statistics to share including the number of hours played, the amount of content streamed on Mixer, Twitch and YouTube and more.

Since Early Access for the Ultimate Edition on May 18 and the global release of the Standard Edition on May 22, we have had over a million survivors across the globe playing and creating their own zombie survival story. Throughout launch, there have been over six million combined hours of State of Decay 2 gameplay, and we’ve watched nearly 3.5M hours of gameplay across Mixer, Twitch and YouTube Gaming from over 41,000 unique broadcasts.

Microsoft also stated that Undead Labs continues to work on updating the game to address the game’s major issues – that have been already reported by its fanbase – as its number one priority.

Do note that this number also includes the Xbox Game Pass subscribers who were able to download and play the game. As such, this number does not mean that the game has sold one million units.

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