StarFox: Shadows of Lylat – Total Conversion for Freespace 2 is officially cancelled

And that’s precisely why I don’t like following a lot of promising mods. You see, most of total conversions get cancelled at some point (and I’m seriously surprised that the Thief total conversion for Doom 3 is still under development). This happened with both the Jurassic Park mod for Crysis and Dani’s 3D models for Doom, and it’s happening again with StarFox: Shadows of Lylat, a total conversion for Freespace 2. Although it looked spectacular a few years ago, no real work has been done for ages for quite some time.
As the team’s member ‘Axem’ stated:
“We’ve tried multiple times to find ways to revive ourselves with focused goals and new ideas. Unfortunately, they didn’t take and we were just right back where we were before. As well we’ve moved on with life. Finding jobs, going to school, other fun things in life. Those things didn’t help matters for the mod, but they couldn’t really be helped.”
All in all, this Freespace 2 total conversion is officially cancelled.
We’ve decided to include a video from the 2006 build of it for nostalgia purposes.
Shadows of Lylat trailer