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Stardock Releases Start10 For $4.99, More Windows 10 Products On The Way

Stardock has announced the official release of Start10, an easy-to-use program that returns the Windows 10 Start menu to a more familiar look and feel.

As the press release reads, Windows 10 has brought back a Start menu, but the focus is heavily on apps, which are preloaded, pre-organized and viewed as tiles rather than in the simple list of programs in Windows 7. The Start menu is there, but consumers may feel the brunt of this app-focused layout. Start10 returns the familiar Start menu to Windows 10, and allows for additional look and feel customization with just a couple of clicks of a mouse.

Start10 also brings back folders. Currently, the Windows 10 Start menu lists all applications in alphabetic order, which can make the Start menu quite long. In previous versions of Windows, applications like Word, Excel and the other Office applications were found in the “Microsoft Office” folder on the Start menu. Start10 addresses this.

In Windows 10 the search bar has been taken out of the Start menu and placed on the task bar. Start10 allows you to have the search functionality back in your Start menu.

Start10 is currently priced at $4.99.

Stardock also noted that more Windows 10 products are on the way, so stay tuned for more!