Galactic Civilizations IV

Stardock has announced Galactic Civilizations IV

Stardock has just announced the latest part in its award-winning space 4X strategy sandbox game series, Galactic Civilizations IV. In order to celebrate this announcement, the team released the game’s announcement trailer that you can find below.

Galactic Civilizations IV promises to take the best of what its predecessors had to offer. Additionally, Stardock plans to add to it many new and exciting features. As the all-powerful leader of a spacefaring civilization, the player must seek out new star systems and discover the exciting potential of the subspace realm.

The game will focus strongly on the idea of the player dealing with characters who help run the player’s empire. The maps will be vastly bigger and the number of worlds in a typical empire are an order of magnitude more than in GalCiv III.

Here are also the game’s key features:

  • Turn-based
  • Tile based (hexes) based movement
  • Ship design
  • Strong-AI for opponents
  • Deep gameplay customization
  • Free-form movement (as opposed to starlanes)
  • Player controlled cultural evolution (are you good, evil or a shade of gray?)
  • Planetary invasion requires actually invading a planet
  • Mixture of deep lore (a handful of carefully crafted civilizations and histories) mixed with game-to-game generation of new lore and species
  • Big technology trees


Galactic Civilizations IV - Announcement Trailer