StarCraft Universe – Open Developer Preview Starts Tomorrow

StarCraft fans, get ready for something really special. The team behind the highly anticipated StarCraft Universe will be attending this year’s BlizzCon and they will be offering from tomorrow and untill the end of this month, an Open Developer Preview version of the game to pretty much everyone.
According to the team, this preview build takes place in the “Encephalon Grid,” a player-vs-player arena allowing players to start as level 30 with a full set of gear tailored towards PvP. The player’s class is granted a mid-level selection of abilities, and players will be able to unlock additional abilities by winning enough matches.
Although this Open Developer Preview is not an Open Beta build, it will be “fully-functional and fully enjoyable.” Those interested will have to search for “SC Universe PvP – Dev Preview” over during the preview’s run if they want to test the game.
Last but not least, here is a video that the team put together which showcases StarCraft Universe’s combat system, its inventory manager, the character stat customization and its Achievements.