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StarCraft Doom Mod aims to replace all Doom monsters with StarCraft units, version 0.3 released

Tunasz has released an early version of his upcoming StarCraft mod for Doom 2. According to its description, StarCraft Doom will replace all monsters/enemies with units from Blizzard’s strategy game.

In order to showcase the StarCraft sprites, the modder also released the following video. Thus, this video will give you a small idea of what you can expect from it.

From what we can see, StarCraft Doom introduces units from all of the three races from StarCraft. It also brings some new weapons from the StarCraft universe. However, I believe that it would make more sense to only have Zerg enemies in this crossover. Unfortunately, that’s not the current direction of this mod as Tunasz plans to brings all of the Terran units in the next update.

You can download the StarCraft Doom Mod from here. As the modder noted, it works perfectly on gzdoom and zandronum. Moreover, it appears that you can also play this mod in multiplayer mode without any issues.

Have fun!

StarCraft mod for doom 0.2 version