Star Wars Dark Forces

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II gets an ESRGAN AI-enhanced Texture Pack

Modder ‘TreeMarmot’ has released an ESRGAN AI-enhanced Texture Pack for the classic 1997 first-person game based on the Star Wars universe, Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. According to the modder, this texture pack is intended for use by mod authors as a base for their own high-resolution re-texture projects.

Now while this intended to be a base for other re-texture projects, PC gamers can go ahead and use it (as it is) in order to improve the game’s visuals. However, the modder notes that the textures in this pack are quite raw and that most of them have artifacts from the upscaling process, which in a complete effort should be manually removed by an artist.

So yeah, while this isn’t perfect, it still provides a noticeable visual improvement and I’m pretty sure that old-school Star Wars fans will appreciate it.

Those interested can download the texture pack from here. Do note that you will also need JkGfxMod (which you can download from here) in order to use this ESRGAN AI-enhanced pack. Once you have installed both Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II and JkGfxMod, you should simply place the jknup directory into your JkGfxMod materials directory.

Have fun!