Star Wars: Battlefront 2 mod enables 32v32 Custom Arcade Team Battles

Modders ‘Pawpz’ and ‘KrazIvan777’ have released a brand new mod for the latest Star Wars: Battlefront 2 game. This mod enables 32v32 custom Arcade Team battles, and brings various AI tweaks to improve the overall experience.

The vanilla version of Star Wars Battlefront 2 supports up to 10v10 Arcade battles. Obviously, this is not enough for some players, especially since the game supports 32v32 battles in its multi-player modes. As such, this mod makes it possible to have grander battles in it.

Do note that you should NOT enable this mod while playing multi-player. This is strictly an offline mode, so make sure to disable it when you play any multi-player modes. Moreover, the AI takes a bit longer to spawn in Team Battles (around 10 – 15 seconds). This is done on purpose in order to ensure that the game doesn’t crash in 32v32 arcade.

While the modders have not introduced any new layouts, here are what the Team Sizes mean with this mod:

  • 2v2 = 15v15
  • 4v4 = 20v20
  • 8v8 = 26v26
  • 10v10 = 32v32

Those interested can download this mod from here, and below you can find its key features:

  • 32v32 Custom Arcade Team Battles
  • Tweaked the battle AI for skirmish bots to allow them to sprint
  • Set “CombatIntensity” to High for all AI Classes
  • Added “Hide” Parameter to all AI Classes to allow bots to fall back to cover when badly hurt
  • AI “Suppression” Values Increased
  • Increased AI “Engage” Distance; AI can fire farther
  • AI “TimetoFire” for both Player And AI are now the same
  • Increased AI Movement Speed 
  • Tweaked AI Weapon Handling for each class (rof,range,accuracy) and removed any damage modifiers
  • Added “EnhancedCoordination” in AI logic
  • Tweaked AI fall back distance for all classes

In order to install this mod, you’ll need the Frosty mod manager that you can download from here. Installation instructions can be found in the following video.

  • Install the mod manager
  • When the file explorer opens, choose SWBF 2 in your origin folder, the mod menu should stay open, leave it.
  • Download the mod manually, and extract it to your desktop (DONT UNZIP)
  • Go back to the mod manager and choose import mod on the top taskbar
  • Choose the ZIP file
  • It should import itself and appear on the left as a bar, double click it
  • Now its activated, launch SWBF 2 via the mod menu at the top task bar.
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