Star Supremacy – Big Updates Released; Commercial Launch Inbound

Halloween is just around the corner and with the GM team preparing Halloween treats for its players. The development team has been releasing some big updates for Star Supremacy as the team prepares for commercial launch. Updates include a newly improved user interface, chat system, alliance system, item trading system, in-game tutorial, and much more. 
Players who are participating in the closed beta have been very helpful in submitting feedback and the developers have been hard at work making sure each feedback and bug report that gets submitted is noted and taken into the highest level of consideration.
Star Supremacy aims to redefine sci-fi browser-based gaming by giving players a unique and rewarding online experience.  Barbily Games is very excited for the upcoming commercial launch and encourages sci-fi and browser-based fanatics to join in the incredible fun!
Also, if you have a facebook account, you can go to Star Supremacy’s facebook account and like the page.  3 randomly selected players will win a gaming headset once the facebook page reaches 30,000 likes.