Star Marine: Infinite Ammo looks retro-sexy and comes out in January 12th on iOS devices

You know what? Sometimes, I’m really jealous of the iOS devices. Why you ask? But because they get so many cool retro games that are pretty much must-have for every retro fan. And while watching Star Marine: Infinite Ammo’s trailer, I couldn’t help but think how similar it looked with all those amazing run’n’gun SNES platformers, like Contra, Jurassic Park 2, Power Rangers and Super Turrican. Man, I really miss those days. But anyway, Star Marine: Infinite Ammo looks similar, which is a plus in our books.
Star Marine: Infinite Ammo promises to be the definitive Run n’ Gun gameplay experience for iOS touch gaming, featuring fast paced gameplay mechanics similar to iconic titles like Contra, Rapid Reload, and Metal Slug. In this game, you play as Arc, a battle hardened drifter who is captured by an alien race in the depths of space. Arc’s capturers plan to enslave him and put his strength to work. Arc however, has other plans and so the battle begins.
Star Marine: Infinite Ammo will be available for download via the iTunes App Store on January 12th!