Star Control: Origins will receive a Vulkan patch in the future

Stardock has announced that Star Control: Origins will get a post-release patch that will add support for the Vulkan API. This is part of Stardock’s extended partnership with AMD, meaning that Star Control: Origins will be optimized for Ryzen CPUs and Freesync 2.

As Stardock stated:

“Stardock is also announcing that it has extended its technology and gaming partnership with AMD. The ongoing partnership means we will be optimizing Star Control: Origins for AMD technologies, including Ryzen CPUs and Freesync 2, and will update the game post-launch with Vulkan support.”

Stardock also announced that its open-universe action RPG will be available for all PAX West attendees to play.

Fans will be able to play the full version of Star Control: Origins at AMD’s booth, located in the main Exhibition Hall at booth #433, when the show opens on August 31st.

Star Control: Origins is currently planned for a September 20th release!