Star Citizen – Current-Gen Consoles Could Not Handle It, Will Exploit The Potential Of High-End PCs

Matteo Carrara, co-founder of, has informed us about their latest interview with Star Citizen’s Eric “wingman” Peterson. According to Peterson, current (and old) gen consoles could not handle the scope of Star Citizen, which is precisely why this game is being developed as a PC exclusive.

When asked why Star Citizen is not coming to consoles, Peterson said that consoles cannot handle a game like Star Citizen. Therefore, and in order to keep the image fidelity as good as possible, the team decided to focus on the most powerful platform.

“In recent times we have had the feeling that the PC had been a little put aside, and that the games that came out were often ported from console with sub visuals that did not show the potential of the PC. Today’s gaming PCs are really formidable, they have more powerful processors, more powerful video cards, and are best in every aspect. Even the new generation of consoles can not hold a candle to, their internal components are already older than what I can now mount on a home PC. We wanted to create a game that showed all the capabilities of today’s PCs, and above all, we wanted to create a game for all those who enjoy to assemble really high-end PCs with dual graphics cards and liquid cooling, especially since no game so far has ever allowed to exploit the full potential of such PCs.

Bold words to say the least. Let’s hope that this is not a simple PR statement and that Star Citizen will indeed show what gaming PCs are capable of.

Let’s also keep in mind that Crysis was also advertised as a game that was only possible on the PC. And while its latter parts where nowhere as good as the first one, that first game was also ported to consoles.