Star Citizen Alpha 3.8 detailed, now available to PTU, adds new locations and gameplay mechanics

Now this passed under our radar. Last week, Cloud Imperium released Star Citizen Alpha 3.8 to the Public Test Universe. Alpha 3.8 adds new locations and gameplay mechanics, as well as new weapons. Naturally, it also brings a number of bug fixes.

Going into more details, Star Citizen Alpha 3.8 new locations such as MicroTech Planet (including the exterior of New Babbage Landing Zone), orbital stations above major planetary landing zones and new Rest Stop interior variants. It also adds wind texture rotation on all planets and moons, and dust/sand storm effects to appropriate planetary bodies.

Moreover, this new alpha update adds “impounding” function and a new fine functionality to the law system. It also adds a new “look ahead mode” functionality and implements server side object container streaming (SSOCS).

Furthermore, this new alpha version adds a new keybind to deselect a target and g-force induced head movement (the strength of which can be customized in the game settings). It also improves AI ship collision avoidance and updates third person camera/chase camera for ships for improved behavior and stability.

You can find the complete list of changes for Star Citizen Alpha 3.8 here.