Star Citizen new feature

Star Citizen Alpha 3.17 has been released, new features detailed

Cloud Imperium has released Star Citizen Alpha 3.17 to all of the game’s backers. This brand new version brings a number of new features, and you can also find below a new trailer dedicated to it.

Going into more details, Star Citizen Alpha 3.17 adds the ability for players to sell inventory items. This includes loot found in derelicts and weapons ‘acquired’ from other players.

Moreover, Alpha 3.17 brings the first implementation of ship-to-ship refueling. According to the devs, this will give players a way home should they run out of fuel in the depths of space.

Furthermore, players can expect some mining gadgets. These mining gadgets modify the rock-breaking process to make it quicker, easier, or more fruitful.

This latest update also brings the first ship in MISC’s iconic Hull series. The MISC Hull A is the ideal tool for pilots looking to take their hauling career to the next level. The Hull A features the same telescopic cargo spindle as its larger relatives, giving players a taste of what’s to come with the Hull C later in the year.

It’s also worth noting that Alpha 3.17 features the initial implementation of rivers. This is the first stage in adding watercourses around the universe, more of which will be added in coming patches.

Lastly, Star Citizen Alpha 3.17 adds a new location, the Maria Pure of Heart Hospital in Lorville.


Star Citizen: Alpha 3.17 - Fueling Fortunes