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Square Enix has, finally, officially confirmed Final Fantasy XVI for PC

In 2020, Square Enix released a PC trailer for Final Fantasy XVI, hinting at the game coming to our platform. Since then, Square Enix has not officially mentioned this PC version. Until today. Square Enix’s Naoki Yoshida has officially confirmed that Final Fantasy XVI will be coming to PC. However, it may take some time.

Yoshida claims that the PC version won’t come out anytime soon. Furthermore, he stated that while the game is timed-exclusive on Playstation 5 for six months, the PC version won’t be likely ready during that timeframe.

As Yoshida stated:

“First of all, it is true that “FINAL FANTASY XVI” is a six-month timed exclusive on the PS5 platform. However, that and the PC version coming out six months later are two completely different stories. I want to make it clear that the PC version will not be released in six months.

Because we have spent a lot of time and money optimizing the PS5 platform in order to deliver the best gaming experience possible. Of course, we would like to release a PC version at some point so that as many people as possible can play the game. However, if we start optimizing the PC version after the PS5 version is released, we will not be able to optimize it in six months, so it will not be released in a short span of six months. We would like to release it eventually, and I think we will, but right now we are not at the stage where we can say when.”

And there you have it. Final Fantasy XVI will be officially coming to PC in the near future.

My guess is that we’ll get the PC version in a year. And, since the game is using Unreal Engine 4, we can safely assume that it will release first on Epic Games Store.

Final Fantasy XVI will release on PS5 on June 22nd!

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